Returns and refund policy

The Prestigio Plaza store guarantees you an exchange or return of the product within 7 calendar days from the date of purchase, if it has not been used and its look, consumer properties, packaging, seals, and labels are preserved

Return of products of proper quality
  1. The products, original package, accessories, instructions, warranty ticket and other packaging arrangement must be factory-packed, unused and in perfect condition.
  2. Contact our managers and confirm the exchange/return of the product. After the manager confirms return, you can visit our store or send the goods back to the store with courier.
  3. If a gift was attached to the product, it must be transferred along with the product, while the gift must retain its presentation, consumer properties, seals and factory packaging.
  4. You can exchange a purchased product of a proper quality and condition for a similar product of the same cost or for a different model by paying the difference in price to the store.
  5. Exchange and return of goods of proper quality is possible only for individuals.

Return of defective products
  1. To return or exchange goods, the buyer must contact the store manager and arrange the time of exchange/return of goods.
  2. Submit the device for examination. Then we will exchange the product for a similar one or for a product in a higher segment with an additional payment from the buyer.
  3. In case if the examination has determined that the product is not defective or that problem has arizen due to the fault of the buyer, a return or exchange of the goods is impossible.

Refunds for individuals

Any payments or postage charges for returning the goods are covered by the store within 7 days after the purchase. If this term has passed, these charges are not refundable.

There is no fee for returning, the full cost of a product will be refunded.

  • When paying with card online:
    The buyer must return the goods by visiting one of Prestigio Plaza stores or sending them with courier. If all conditions for returning the goods are met, the funds will be refunded to the buyer’s bank account.

  • Once your return is approved, the money will be transferred to your account within 48 hours (bank dependent).

  • The Return Label is managed by the courier service electronically.

  • When paying in cash:
    In this case, the buyer has to visit the store where the payment was made. If all conditions for returning the goods are met, the refund will be made in the store.