Bang & Olufsen products

Official reseller of Bang & Olufsen in South Africa is Prestigio Plaza store, and we offer the following products, as well as accessories and warranty services for them.


  • Beoplay H95 – premium quality headphones for music lovers that feature perfectly set up drivers and play the music just as it’s meant to be heard.
  • Beoplay HX have ergonomic construction and would perfectly suit long-term wear, be it working calls or having some time for yourself.
  • Beoplay EX – wireless earbuds that unite noise cancellation with microphone background sound suppression for clear talking even in the most crowded and noisy places.

Portable speakers:

  • Beosound A1 2 generation is the most powerful Bluetooth speaker of its type with a big magnet inside. It features a dust- and watertight chassis, so you can take it out with you, lay on the ground, hang on a tree, or put the speaker next to a pool.
  • Beolit 20 has an impressive power of 240 watts which is supported by a capacious accumulator. The device is meant to be used for strolls, trips, and friends' gatherings.
  • Beosound Explore was created to accompany nature lovers on their hikes. It is concealed in a sturdy, bump-resistant, and waterproof casing made of aluminum.

Home Speakers:

  • Beosound A5 is a portable speaker that sounds like acoustic one. It was designed to move around your place and provide excellent sound everywhere thanks to RoomSense technology.
  • Beosound Level is a wi-fi speaker that can be installed stationary with a bracket as well as carried around the place. It features a sleek design and can be laid on any surface, placed upright in the corner and still delivers rich sound that fills the whole room.
  • Beosound Balance – an intelligent speaker that supports Voice Assistants and has seven drivers installed for perfect sound reproduction.
  • Beosound 2 3rd gen – a really noticeable speaker that draws attention. It has conical casing made of aluminum that delivers sound dispersion, filling the entire room.
  • Beosound A9 5th generation isn’t just a speaker but a stylish piece of furniture. Big and powerful, it spreads stunning sound around the place and adds notes of Scandinavian minimalism to its style.

Home Audio-Visual Solutions

  • Beolab line of Home Audio Systems by Bang&Olufsen are intended to form an acoustic system across the place. Different models may be interconnected with each other to complement home cinema or power up music for the party.
  • Televisions – integrated audio-visual systems that form a simple and sleek interior group without additional wires.

Reasons to buy Bang & Olufsen in the PrestigioPlaza online store?

Only if you get an original B&O device, will you fully appreciate the brand’s advantages and enjoy the unique sound. Search the Bang & Olufsen store marked as the authorized reseller to ensure that you receive original item.

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