Which model of Bang & Olufsen Wi-Fi speakers to choose?

Bang & Olufsen offers various solutions for everyday home speakers. There are portable speakers to carry with you around the place, as well as stationary speakers to form a Bang & Olufsen sound system.

Bang & Olufsen Portable Speakers for Home

These models are convenient and offer great flexibility for taking your favorite songs with you to the kitchen, bedroom, or even on balcony or terrace. They support the same Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections for maximum comfort.

  • Beosound A5 - Long-lasting modular construction with four encased exclusive drivers for genuine 360° sound. A5 brings amazing soundtracks for every space—be it a park, balcony, or room. With the built-in QI charger, enjoy instant wireless charging for the phone and a whole day of Bluetooth music. Everything is proudly packaged in an IP65 water-resistant design that you can use anywhere.
  • Beosoung Level - Its seamlessly integrated handle makes it simple to pick up, and its IP54 dust and splash protection allows you to confidently store it anyplace. This sophisticated speaker is made to look well in any space it's placed in and has a battery life of up to 16 hours. 5 drivers' system that adjusts to the positioning of the speakers produces rich, full-range sound. Experience powerful bass when the device is flat or unparalleled accuracy when it is standing up or wall-mounted.

Bang & Olufsen Home Audio Systems

Bang & Olufsen speakers are designed to produce spine-tingling audio and draw attention with their stunning appearance. They can complement your home cinema when watching a movie with perfect audio, help you relax when listening to podcasts, and more.

  • Beosound 2 3rd Gen - Each time, Beosound 2 determines its exact location in the space to provide flawless playback, making sure the accents of music never feel too subdued or dominant. It has touch buttons on the top panel for intuitive control.
  • Beosound A9 Gen 5 - The entire room becomes aware when A9 begins to play. With a loudness that can compete with much larger speaker systems, it's ideal for gatherings in spacious areas. This speaker can is a floor-standing architectural masterpiece. A9 can be seamlessly setup through the App and connected to other speakers to listen to music across your house.
  • Beosound Balance – This speaker is an option for a shelf or side table – it can be placed up against the wall and still sounds fantastic. It produces precisely calibrated sound beams for a crisp frontal acoustic experience and a rich rear audio enhancement. As a result, the auditory experience is remarkably large given its diminutive size.