Limited Warranty

General terms

This limited warranty (hereinafter referred to as the 'Warranty') applies to genuine products of the Bang & Olufsen company (hereinafter referred to as the 'Bang & Olufsen Products'). The terms and conditions of this Warranty apply to Bang & Olufsen Products purchased after November 2019. In order to exercise your rights under this Warranty, you must provide the Bang & Olufsen company with the original invoice received at the time of purchase of the Bang & Olufsen Products.

This Warranty applies to all defects (according to the specifications of the Bang & Olufsen Products in question) which may appear in the Bang & Olufsen Products during the warranty period. The date of purchasing the product by the first customer is considered the date of commencement of the warranty period, which lasts during the next 36 months for FLEX / STAGED products and during 24 months for OTG products after the date of purchase (hereinafter referred to as the 'Warranty Period').

If a defect covered by this Warranty is discovered during the Warranty Period and the Bang & Olufsen Products are eligible for online return, please submit a request to our email.

If the option of online product return is not available in your country, or if the Bang & Olufsen Products are not eligible for return under this option, please contact the legal entity whose name appears on the original invoice for the Bang & Olufsen Products.

Warranty coverage

The Bang & Olufsen company warrants Bang & Olufsen Products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal conditions of use and service during the Warranty Period.

Bang & Olufsen products are devices of high quality and craftsmanship and should be handled with appropriate care. Recommendations and requirements for the use and maintenance of Bang & Olufsen Products and their components must always be followed.

Therefore, this Warranty is only valid in case of proper use of the Bang & Olufsen Products during the Warranty Period. This Warranty does not apply to:

  • defects caused by misuse, improper installation and/or installation by unqualified persons, improper repair/modification or incorrect adjustment of Bang & Olufsen Products, and neglect, including but not limited to burnout of plasma or OSD displays, excessive load on speakers and other improper use;

  • defects resulting from the use of Bang & Olufsen Products with accessories not approved by the Bang & Olufsen company;

  • defects resulting from lightning, fire, water, voltage fluctuations, inadequate ventilation, or other force majeure events beyond Bang & Olufsen's control;

  • indirect consequential damages, direct or indirect losses or other associated costs claimed under this Warranty, including, without limitation, inability to use Bang & Olufsen Products, or costs associated with rental of substitute products;

  • software and content provided by third parties or problems arising from modifications made by the software supplier;

  • assistance in using Bang & Olufsen Products to resolve problems that can be resolved by updating the software online (the buyer is responsible for providing a network connection to download these updates);

  • network/wireless connectivity problems caused by external influences that arize only locally and do not affect product functionality in other areas (contact the Bang & Olufsen company for more information about applying products for specific purposes);

  • defects in consumables (components that require regular replacement, such as batteries), as well as defects caused by overcharging; unreasonable costs or expenses associated with modification or destruction of the premises in which Bang & Olufsen Products are located during the renovation;

  • the cost of cleaning the screen from contamination caused by external influences.

The decision to remove defects covered by this Warranty is at the discretion of the Bang & Olufsen company, subject to the requirements of consumer protection law. Defects will be corrected by (i) repairing the defective Bang & Olufsen Products, (ii) installing refurbished parts into the Bang & Olufsen Products and/or (iii) replacing the Bang & Olufsen Products with new devices of equivalent performance and reliability. Replacement of limited or special edition Bang & Olufsen Products is subject to availability. In the event that a Bang & Olufsen Product cannot be repaired (damage resulting in total constructive failure) or replaced, the consumer will be offered monetary compensation in an amount proportional to the purchase price.

All replaced modules become the property of Bang & Olufsen.

Exceptions and Limitations

Bang & Olufsen is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to any programs, data and/or media during the repair process. Bang & Olufsen strongly recommends that customers, if possible, make a backup copy of all data before sending the product to Bang & Olufsen for repair or service.

This Warranty is void if the product serial number is damaged or altered, or if the software is modified by unauthorized persons. This Warranty does not apply in the countries where specially designed versions of Bang & Olufsen Products are subject to government regulations imposed, for example, due to differences in signal transmission and licensing systems, and does not cover defects or malfunctions caused by the using versions of Bang & Olufsen Products other than those required in the respective countries. For information regarding the use of Bang & Olufsen Products in such countries, please contact the legal entity whose name appears on the original invoice for the Bang & Olufsen Products.

All implied warranties, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the duration of this Warranty. In no event shall Bang & Olufsen be liable for damages exceeding the purchase price of the Bang & Olufsen Products or, without limitation, for business losses of any nature whatsoever; downtime, loss of time, data, business reputation, opportunities, profits or savings; inconvenience; incidental, intentional, consequential or punitive damages, as well as losses and damages arising from the use of or inability to use Bang & Olufsen Products.

The Bang & Olufsen company does not provide any expressed or implied warranties and makes no formal or other statement of any kind regarding the quality, capabilities, functionality, performance or suitability of any third party software or hardware used in conjunction with Bang & Olufsen Products and the compatibility of software or hardware with Bang & Olufsen Products if they are included with Bang & Olufsen Products sold by Bang & Olufsen or other suppliers. Responsibility for the quality, features, functionality, performance and suitability of such third party software or hardware lies solely with the user and direct seller, owner or supplier. Nothing in the user manual or other document should be construed as an express warranty of any kind with respect to Bang & Olufsen Products. No agent, employee, dealer, representative or reseller shall modify or extend this Warranty or make any binding representation in any advertising, presentation or other document on behalf of Bang & Olufsen regarding Bang & Olufsen Products or this Warranty.

Autonomy of provisions

If any part of this Warranty is found to be illegal or invalid, such partial illegality or invalidity shall not affect the enforceability of the remainder of the Warranty.

Consumer rights

This Warranty is in addition to the rights and remedies provided by the seller of the Bang & Olufsen Product or as provided by applicable law. The terms of this Warranty do not affect any remedies (such as cure, damages and/or right to terminate) provided by the seller of Bang & Olufsen Products or under law.